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BEHIND the STICK – vol. 1

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BEHIND The STICK – vol. 1

BEHIND The STICK – vol. 1, by multimedia artist Rhasaan Oyasaba Manning, is an ongoing photographic project, ten years in the making. The name “BEHIND the STICK” connotes the point of departure, which is the perspective of the bartender and DJ. 
The collection of fleeting nightlife moments was produced using an assortment of point-and-shoot and disposable black-and-white 35mm film cameras. 
BTS – vol. 1 is Manning’s photographic dedication to the burgeoning era of the social microcosm he calls “Childrensburg.” It is also a reflection on the citywide gentrification that has physically, economically, and spiritually displaced several of the subjects themselves.
“The intent of the photos is to reflect the postures nightlife people assume as a matter of reflex, and also, sometimes, out of actual joy, as well as exposing uncanny and candid shapes and glances. Another primary element for me has been capturing the cultural diversity of the people I encounter every time I show up to work.” – R.O.M.

Instagram: @rhasmann & @behindthestik

YouTube: rhasmann)



The first limited edition set of large prints from the collection consists of thirteen
signed (13) 24” x 36” prints (featured above), Epson Legacy Baryta Paper, framed by ROOQ, NY, NY.

The first printed volume is a 120 page 8” x 10” mini-tab zine,
on 30 lb. newsprint, printed exclusively by Linco Printing Co., L.I.C., NY.



Ol’ Fren by OYASABA

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Ol’ Fren     03.12.03      4:44am 222


am I the monk who runs in place

counting the raindrops that hit my face

am I the drunk who wants a taste

am I the punk whose life’s a waste

am I the monk who’s lost his way

caught in a funk and out of place

am I the one who needs to pray

am I the one who I create

am I the gun that’s wrapped in lace

you think it’s fun to kill w/grace

am I the one undone by fate

you are the smile that I embrace


I am them all & so are you

We rise & fall like sun & moon

The cries we call are hope in bloom

We try response we mass consume

I am them all & so are you

We rise & fall like sun & moon

The cries we call are hope in bloom

We try response we mass consume


(repeat all above)


sometimes I feel so very whole

while others I am coming apart

in conversations w/fragile folk

fragile like me

& I say the last thing I meant to say & I see

the shiver of disappointed surprise

shoot up their spine & out of their eyes expression

their defense’s reflex reflect transgressions as do mine

against my own mindlessness

in these interactions where nothing that ought to be said can possibly be stated

the best ending time passes as though we were dead I stand captivated

by their beauty and transfixed by their attitude of solitude

people quiver unsteadily in those good thick gaps in mood

(like slices of dry turkey that choke horses)

we communicate more than in the fleeting words which came before,

yet perhaps to be outdone by what is to come.


I am them all & so are you

We rise & fall like sun & moon

The cries we call are hope in bloom

We try response we mass consume

I am them all & so are you

We rise & fall like sun & moon

The cries we call are hope in bloom

We try response we mass consume.






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We at 21 MISSING are thankful for having been featured in this amazing exhibition:

After learning of the grand jury’s decision to not indict Daniel Pantaleo, Smack Mellon postponed a planned exhibition in order to respond to the continued failure of the United States to protect its black citizens from police discrimination and violence. In order to channel our outrage into actions that can facilitate systemic change, Smack Mellon’s gallery space will be used to present events, performances and artworks that affirm that black lives matter, express frustration and anger with the institutional racism that enables law enforcement to kill black members of the community with impunity, and imagine creative solutions and visionary alternatives to a broken justice system.


Our video on the tragedy of Shantel Davis is also available on this website at:

Thanks to whatzup tv:


Thanks to WPIX CHANNEL 11.

Action by Tyrone Brown-Osborne & Rhasaan Oyasaba Manning

Filmed by Lara Vallance & Oniel Vargas

Production Assistant: June Rodriguez

Produced, Written, Directed, Edited by Rhasaan Oyasaba Manning

sudden owl.logo

What makes a teacher survive in a school where the guards are more violent than the students?

A one-minute story by Rhasaan Oyasaba Manning


Crossroads, Horizons, & Passages

by Rhasaan Oyasaba Manning


I am a teaching-artist at a few “academies” in the Bronx with names like Crossroads, Horizons,  & Passages.

Every day on my way up to class I try to guess how many of the original 20 students will actually be there.

Will there be 5 in solitary confinement?

5 in court?

5 zonked out on meds?

This day there were 2 new kids in class. Legends. Within a minute they’ve already attacked another student.

So the guards rush in, yoke ’em up, beat ’em down, drag ’em out and body-slam ’em in the hallway.

One guard comes back to me and says,

“Yo… You lookin’ at me funny cuz I beat dey ass? Hippie-ass nigga, please. You don’t know who dem 2 niggas is? Dem 2 niggas doused a mothafucka in gasoline and set that nigga on fire. It was on the news! Think I give a fuck about dem 2 niggas?! I hope they get the fuckin’ chair, suhn!…”

Turns out the 14 & 15 year olds were tried and convicted as adults, and sent upstate where the real men are at.

In here, we call that early graduation.

And that guard? If I happened to drive up on him in the street, I would run his ass over.

Except, I’m a hippie-ass nigga…


This show aired on’s program NO COUNTRY COUNTRY, hosted by Davis Thompson-Moss in collaboration with Tyrone-Brown Osborne of FUNKY BLACK ANGELS, AREA BOY PICTURES, 21 MISSING, MANNING-OSBORNE.
Special Guests included Honeychild Coleman, K. Neycha Nerford, Monk Washington, and Rhasaan Oyasaba Manning. The panel was set the discuss the art of living as independent artists in New York City today, while sharing music from the FUNKY BLACK ANGELS diaspora. A barrage of callers changed the course of the discussion from the surreal to brief expressions of love, support and appreciation. The experience of live radio opened my eyes to the inherent impact of live radio today. I am inspired to enter the fray with an ensemble radio show early next year. In the meantime, Davis and Tyrone have organized a second installment of the NCC/FBA which will be recorded live at The Flatbush Sound Studio in early June. Stay tuned…

On this episode of U Look Hungry, it’s time for story-telling from some wise former waiters who have worked at some of the top restaurants in New York City. Helen Hollyman is joined by DJ SWV (Anna Margaret Hollyman) & Lonewolf McSuede (Rhasaan Oyasaba Manning) to discuss nightmare dates at restaurants and more horrible love stories. Is the customer always right? Is your hostess hitting on your, or is she just trying to be friendly and do her job? Is it cool to make out in the corner of the establishment? All this, and so much more, only on U Look Hungry. This program was sponsored by Tekserve.