OYASABA: ARCHIVES #1 on SoundCloud

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ARCHIVES #1 is our third self-released album. The first song on this album (NAMA) is dedicated to my mother and her struggles as a single mother, raising an only child in the 70’s and 80’s in Brooklyn.
From there the album moves from the personal to wider social concerns including war, politics, scandal, revolution, roots, and so on….
Artwork by Lara Vallance. Full layout is featured in PORTFOLIO.
Copyright 2014 by Rhasaan Oyasaba Manning.


This show aired on’s program NO COUNTRY COUNTRY, hosted by Davis Thompson-Moss in collaboration with Tyrone-Brown Osborne of FUNKY BLACK ANGELS, AREA BOY PICTURES, 21 MISSING, MANNING-OSBORNE.
Special Guests included Honeychild Coleman, K. Neycha Nerford, Monk Washington, and Rhasaan Oyasaba Manning. The panel was set the discuss the art of living as independent artists in New York City today, while sharing music from the FUNKY BLACK ANGELS diaspora. A barrage of callers changed the course of the discussion from the surreal to brief expressions of love, support and appreciation. The experience of live radio opened my eyes to the inherent impact of live radio today. I am inspired to enter the fray with an ensemble radio show early next year. In the meantime, Davis and Tyrone have organized a second installment of the NCC/FBA which will be recorded live at The Flatbush Sound Studio in early June. Stay tuned…

DJ OYASABA at bar 718 this SATURDAY.05.24.14…!

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Christian will be holding it down behind the bar,
DJ OYASABA will be choppin’ it up in the booth.
See y’all in SUNSET PARK.
718 5th Avenue, BKNY